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Trans Am Depot was founded by brothers Tod and Scott Warmack and Jim Dowling of Tallahassee, FL.  It was founded on a nearly 30 year love and appreciation for Pontiacs and muscle cars.  Trans Am Depot is the only company licensed and authorized to use the Trans Am moniker, an honor we hold in the highest regard.

Our engineers, fabricators and technicians are the best in the industry.  And while we do make cool cars, we realize that our higher calling is making history.   It’s this historical perspective of what we do that helps us to remember the significance of each and every car we build.  We understand that for you, the customer, it’s an investment. An investment in design, quality, nostalgia and yes….fun.  And we build each and every car with that in mind.  Our expectation is to exceed yours. 

As the next phase of our business unfolds, we will be refining our existing line and introducing new designs and future retro models to the market.  We will remain true to the authentic styling of the originals, finding that delicate balance of yesterday’s design on today’s platform and technology.  

It is clear that our collection of modern day retro-muscle cars have become iconic symbols of power, dominance and attitude.  Their throw-back styling beckons fond memories of adventure and excitement. In short, these cars represent a lifestyle. They make a statement rooted in independence and freedom summoning that inner voice yearning to be free.  It may be passé but true… you only live once!  So, be an individual. Be unique. Be...Trans Am! 

Trans Am Depot

Tod and his Pontiac Firebird
Tod, "back in the day" circa: 1984
Scott and his Pontiac Firebird
Scott, "back in the day" circa: 1982
Jim and his Chevrolet Corvette
Jim, "back in the day" circa: 1991

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