Design Features


Where function meets form and the experts that make it happen.

Trans Am Depot staffs five engineers and one designer, each possessing unique disciplines in the car design and building process. From electrical engineering to fabrication, structural and aesthetic design, these combined talents marshal their collective assets to bridge the gap between concept and reality.

While we are always working on ways to improve our current designs, we presently have a vault full of hi-profile, retro style muscle car designs prepared for the near future. As GM platforms change, so will we… keeping with the times and technology that will make the models coming from Trans Am Depot cutting edge.


After the design is complete, fabrication is the next link in the food chain. This is where Michelangelo chips away at the block of stone to reveal the Statue of David. Where the master visionary artfully transforms CAD file blue-prints into a 3-dimensional reality. This is where we prove the design. Where we improve, boost and heighten structure integrity. The fabrication division at Trans Am Depot is the proving grounds for new developments as well as the installation department for proprietary designs like T-tops and rotating light assemblies. Allied with the design and engineering team, the fabrication crew brings the projects to life while strategically developing processes for application and installation.


A car’s finish is the primary focal point of the build and the most criticized aspect of the conversion. As the “icing on the cake” it represents the finished car. While our base units are delivered with a standard factory spec finish, those seeking a show quality surface can select one from our optional paint upgrades, that include a complete color sanding, painted graphics and a highly detailed buffing, creating a museum level finish.
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