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The Discovery Channel

Featuring Tod and Scott Warmack the force behind the new modern day Trans Am. Both new cars and restoration, they do it all in the name of the ultimate Muscle Car. They also ran a series called ``Trans Am``

Super Duty – New York Auto Show

Extensive media coverage on this amazing Trans Am with 1000 Horse Power 1100lb Torque. The debut at the New York Auto Show thrilled audiences and the media alike. The limited edition rapidly sold out.

Discovery Channel Show “Trans Am”

The series was a hit with muscle car fans and ran 6 episodes featuring Tod and Scott Warmack. Each episode has insights to the designing and production of the Modern Day Trans Am.

Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno says... Puts it up There With Another all American Powerhouse the Hellcat, Wow Nicely Done, Jay Leno and Fluffy (Gabriel Iglesias) the Comedian on the Bandit Edition, 6.2 liter engine with Hurst Shifter

The Trans Am is Back… And We Want In

In the world of modern muscle cars, much of the current exercise concerns large-scale reproductions. Challenger, Charger, Mustang and Camaro have all been exciting (and wildly successful) re-creations by America’s biggest automakers. But when looking at the history of American Muscle, a few models are missing in the modern era – introducing the Modern Day Trans Am.

Local Routes – Return of the Trans Am

WFSU highlighted Trans Am Worldwide and the new Bandit car. This spot shows early images of Smokey and the Bandit and compares it to the new Modern Day Trans Am built by Trans Am Worldwide.

Fox News – Firebird Trans Am Reborn

Tod Warmack co-owner of Tallahassee based Trans Am Worldwide talks about the inspiration with Kevin Morgan to start the Trans Am Worldwide company to build the new Trans Am Supercar.

Burt Reynold’s Passing

A few years ago, Reynolds visited the Trans Am Depot in Tallahassee as part of the Bandit program, which built 77 Trans Ams that Reynolds personally signed and Transam Worldwide quickly sold out.

New York Auto Show Introducing the Super Duty

Overwhelming success of the New York Auto Show led to the complete sell out of the Limited Edition Super Duty.

Orange County Choppers – Boston Unveiling



The Boston Unveiling of the matching choppers... Paul Tuttle Sr. of Orange County Choppers and Nate Shelton of Hurst-Shifters.com
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Since the first Modern Day Trans Am and Restored Trans Ams we have been fortuante to be recognized by many publications print and online.

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